" A beautiful white dove will carry me to heaven and my soul shall soar with the birds,

in the early morning birdsong I will whisper hello

and you will smile with the knowledge that I am with you. "

                                                              ........Cathy Sale 2006 x




The family have requested no flowers at the funeral service but want a special tribute

You are looking for a more poignant gesture to say your final goodbye.  

You want to symbolise the release of your Loved One's spirit

A single white dove is released.


Your Loved One has already lost their partner previously and you want to

  symbolise their spirits joining together in the sky Two white doves are released.  


You want to symbolise the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost -

This is a Holy Trinity Release

Three white doves will be released by family members and friends  


The parents, partner, children or grandchildren of your Loved One can each release a white dove to symbolise a promise of eternal love and rememberance.

You can hire and release doves for Funerals, A Cremation, An Interment,

A Memorial Service, or by the graveside for Special Occasions

such as Birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day,

Anniversaries, Christmas, etc.   

Our dove release locations are

Upminster, Pitsea, Forest Park, City of London, East London, Eastbrookend,  

Romford, Bentley, Southend, Chelmsford, Manor Park, Islington,

Honour Oak, Eltham and more.


Many families release white doves at a funeral or memorial service.

The white dove or doves will be released at the crematorium, graveside or church.  

The releasing of the dove can bring great comfort to the family by symbolising the release of their loved one's spirit, who is now at peace.

You and your family can release the funeral doves by hand or from our beautifully decorated baskets.

There is no easy way to say goodbye to a Loved One 

and sometimes words just aren't enough at Funerals and releasing funeral doves and watching them fly away,

free, at peace, and carrying all the love of Family and Friends.    


Funeral Doves In Essex can come to any cemetery or crematorium 

in Essex, Kent and London England UK. Please call us for information about hiring and prices for

releasing doves at a funeral or a Memorial dove release in memory of your beloved lost one, once the dove is released they will fly back home. our doves have been trained to fly from any location in London, Kent and Essex, we will liaise with the funeral directors on you behalf and arrange your dove release for you and your family..

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Funeral Doves Essex

Doves for Funerals

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  White Dove release UK

 Dove release for a Funeral or Memorial in London, Kent and Essex

We offer affordable funeral dove release packages professionally

carried out by handlers who will ensure that the funeral doves are held safely and securely and released without mishap or awkwardness, therefore leaving a lasting, beautiful memory for you to keep with you always.

                                              For the safety of the doves,

              please make sure you use a professional Dove Release Company,  


Dove release Our Funeral Doves can fly home from Essex, London and Kent

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      How Much does it cost for Dove Release ?                            

Our Prices start from £90 depending on your location and how many                  doves you would like to release at a funeral.

For an instant quotation to hire our white doves for a funeral or memorial call us now on 01708 402251 or 07958 121041 or Email us on the link below for a costing of how many doves for a funeral you would like to release in Essex, London or Kent