By CATHY ANDERSON, Aug 7 2014 08:52PM

We did a beautiful memorial with our doves today.

We went to a private home where the family had gathered to remember their husband, dad, grandad, brother, uncle, etc. There were at least 30 people present and it was a glorious sunny day so everyone was very casually dressed sitting in the garden.

When we arrived, everyone gathered around and the family all spent a moment thinking of their loved one, then I handed the 10 doves out and asked them to imagine all our love being carried to him on the wings of these doves. As they flew off, eveyone was saying "we love you", "we miss you" and we watched the doves circle overhead a few times before they flew away home.

The family were so pleased wih the memorial dove release, they all said they were pleased they did it and were considering doing it again next year.

Memorial dove releases can take place at home, at a venue, at the graveside, or anywhere you think is appropriate and has open space. Memorial dove release tends to be less formal than Funeral Doves and it certainly leaves everyone feeling uplifted.

We spent another twenty minutes with the family, chatting about our doves and we were interested to know a little about the person whose memorial it was, then we left. Job well Done. I love my doves.

funeral doves
funeral doves

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Memorial and Funeral White Dove Release