We use Pure White Pedigree Logan Rock Doves for releasing doves at funerals because they have an inbuilt homing instinct, therefore when you release them, with proper training and if

they are happy with their home, they will find their way back to their loft

after the Funeral Dove release or Memorial services  


We are based in South Ockendon, Essex, and our white doves are bred and lovingly looked after by our family.   Although they are working birds, they are also our pets and they play a big part in our lives.  

 We spend a lot of time training them for Dove Release, keeping them clean and healthy, making sure they have all they need, and we like to think they come home because they know they are safe with us.  


We let our white doves out of their loft at 9am every morning.  

They are free to fly wherever they want, for as long as they want.   Some fly off all day, others like to sit on the roof, or peck around in the garden looking for twigs for their nest.   They usually make their way back into the loft about an hour before dusk, when they are fed and then locked in for the night away from any predators such as cats and foxes.


We cherish our beautiful white doves and their welfare is always uppermost in our minds.  

doves for a funeral

Coming Home

funeral doves

Enjoying the Rain

funeral doves doves for funerals

     Doves For A Funeral Release a white dove in Essex, London and Kent


In the Garden